(2) The center of the universe

    After the beginning of the repulsion expansion, gravitational matter have to leave from the center of the universe, and therefore the void is formed, and that it grow larger.

In fact, one finds without difficulty that the earth is located at central region of the universe. For examples:

    1) The symmetry of space distribution, for example, the distribution of readshift; the distribution of galaxies; the distribution of radio source; the distribution of  QSOs  backgrourd radiation etc.

    2) A blueshift has never been observer in certain direction, while space distribution of redshift is symmetric comparatively.

    3) ¡°Whole-sky coherence¡± on larger-scale[3]

These are a well-known fact.

It can be predicated that the closest and largest void off us is just the center of the universe. It differs from other void in that there is a layer of galaxies around it. There may be some celestial bodies in it, because a outburst body may passes into a void.

Above views are based on an assumption that there is present repulsion

The center of the universe located in Boötes[4], it is the huge void, 40 Mpc in radius. The distance of the center from us is about 200 Mpc.(Fig. 2)[5]




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